Watch with Sound

Experiencing Christ

Hearing and responding to Jesus as we live in a growing relationship with Him. Being transformed as we draw closer to our Lord and Saviour.

Worship Jesus

Make a personal commitment to consistently celebrate and worship Jesus, especially with our church family. Regularly take part in our Sunday worship experiences, where we pray, praise God in song, learn from God’s Word, and celebrate Jesus’ life and resurrection during communion.
Join Sunday Worship

Get Baptized

Baptism is for anyone who has decided to follow Jesus and is ready to declare their faith in Him by being baptized. It’s saying, “Yes!” to Jesus before God and your church family. Preparation for baptism includes a two-session course that gives foundational teaching about salvation, baptism, and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.
Say Yes to Jesus

Take a Course

Purposefully orient your life by investing your time in expanding and deepening your spiritual practices. Develop postures of devotion including prayer, reading and studying the Bible, fasting, obedience, discernment, and more.
Explore Courses